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Buzzy Beez Apothecary

Buzzy Beez Apothecary

Our products are naturally sourced and developed, handcrafted with care to enhance your daily living.

Queen Grafting

Queen Grafting

Queen cells can be an important asset in building your apiary. We carefully select larvae for grafting from a proven queen

Bee Venom Therapy Supplies

Bee Venom Therapy Supplies

We provide you with all the essential tools you may need to begin your BVT journey. Visit our shop today!

Our Honey Is Never Cooked, It Is Always Raw

to preserve flavor and health benefits
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Learn about Honey


Nectar is a sugar-rich liquid produced by plants in glands called nectaries.

Forms of Honey

Learn everything about different types of honey and how they are produced.


Flowers and their aroma influences the flavor and quality of our honey.


We take care of our bees to ensure they work properly for the best honey.

What our clients say

Very easy process. Addresses the most difficult part of stinging, catching/gathering the bees on the tweezers. Nicely done!

Greg Krantz

Love, love, love this method. Works the best. Been stinging for 3 years and this is the easiest and best way to keep your bees alive.

Colleen Krantz

I love this system!! So easy to use and totally takes the fear of rogue bees away. Thank you so much pollen peddlers for this invention!! A breakthrough for BVT!! ❤️❤️

Clare Johnson

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Beekeeper Team

Trish Thompson
Trish Thompson
Professional Beekeeper - Apitherapist - Queen Bee at Buzzy Beez Apothecary
Greg Thompson
Greg Thompson
Professional Beekeeper - Apiary Control Manager - Chicken Herder
Lauren Smith
Lauren Smith
professional beekeeper
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