5 Frame Nuc – Deep

5 Frame Nuc – Deep


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A nuc consists of a mated queen and 5 frames of larvae, eggs, pollen, and nectar. It is a complete hive, just smaller.

A ‘nuc,’ or nucleus colony of bees, is a common way for new beekeepers to start their apiary and for existing beekeepers to expand their apiary of honey bees.

Our 5-frame nucs are carefully selected to provide you with the best quality queen and bees. We have a minimal supply, so please order early. If more become available, we will send out a notice. You can also sign up for our waitlist and be the first to know. Our waitlist is first-come, first-serve,

Each (5 frame Nuc) contains 5 frames of bees, brood, eggs, larvae, laying queen, and honey stores.

At this moment, Nucs are SOLD OUT.

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