Swarm Rescue

Oh NO! I have a swarm of bees! Give us a call as soon as you discover the swarm. We will travel within a 45 minutes range of 28079. If you have a swarm and are outside our range, we are happy to help you locate someone that can rescue it. Please take a picture of the swarm and give us as much detail as possible about its location. We will happily rescue the honey bees if possible.

Why do honey bees swarm? Honey bees swarm mainly in the spring, but it can occur anytime in the summer as well. Swarming occurs so the honey bees can reproduce. The original hive splits into two or more hives, and one of the queens leaves to find a new home with half the bees in the hive. Most of the time, the swarms are very calm and focused on finding a new home.